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Capturing the seasons in flowers is the aim of my work. Flowers are a reminder of the beautiful natural world outside our doors. I look at, think about and enjoy flowers everyday, never ceasing to be enthralled. As a floral designer, my hope is to share my lifelong passion for flowers with my customers, creating generous, natural, beautiful and romantic flowers with a touch of luxury.  

If you really love flowers, you’ll want to grow them. Owning a garden and observing how flowers grow is part of my style of floral design. When designing and creating a bespoke bridal bouquet or a vase of flowers, I like to consider the idea of ‘bringing the outside, inside’. Over the years gardens and art have been a huge source of inspiration for me.

Texture and scent are two elements that most people love, and I always try to bring these elements to my work. My flowers follow the seasons, this means as well as using beautiful Dutch and English grown varieties, I cut from my own garden or forage from the countryside. I delight in finding unusual or overlooked flowers and foliage that give a unique twist to my work. 

Having been trained as a Jeweller, colour and attention to detail were a huge part of my work and now, as a floral designer they are equally important.

Amamini is Latin for "you are loved", it says what I feel about flowers. I believe it is why we desire them for special occasions, to show love, or simply to bring a smile to our day.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you choose flowers for your wedding or party. Perhaps you would enjoy having a bouquet of flowers for any number of seasonal events over the year. Come along to one of my workshops and share with me my passion for creating beautiful flowers. 


I believe you will find Amamini Flowers are an affordable luxury.    



February 2021 

"Bread feeds the body indeed,

 but flowers feed the soul".

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Amamini Flowers

offers bespoke floral design services for Weddings, Events and Bouquets for all occasions.

During the month of December, Elisabeth offers her highly popular Christmas wreath workshops in her home studio. 



Elisabeth Anderson of  Amamini Flowers is happy working with clients in Bath, Wiltshire, Somerset, London and beyond.


Amamini Flowers delivers regularly to these locations.

For a consultation for your wedding or event or to order a bouquet, please contact Elisabeth.

Wedding consultations cost £20, deducted if a booking is made. 


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