Flowers For Events 

Flowers have the power to express many things and play a part at so many occasions. Flowers for a special birthday, an anniversary celebration, christenings, business events and dinners. I have also created flowers for local restaurants.

Flowers add a delightful, natural, seasonal feel to almost any event or place.  

"A room is never at its best without flowers. Flowers show that a home is cared for and truly lived in. While furniture can remain the same for years, flowers speak to the present moment, they are a reminder of the world beyond our doors, of growth, change and the passage of time. They are fleeting pleasures."

Amamini Flowers

offers bespoke floral design services for Weddings, Events and Bouquets for all occasions.

During the month of December, Elisabeth offers her highly popular Christmas wreath workshops in her home studio. 



Elisabeth Anderson of  Amamini Flowers is happy working with clients in Bath, Wiltshire, Somerset, London and beyond.


Amamini Flowers delivers regularly to these locations.

For a consultation for your wedding or event or to order a bouquet, please contact Elisabeth.

Wedding consultations cost £20, deducted if a booking is made. 


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